The Smart Contract Token : Allowing transport between Metaverses

Metaverse Transit Token

The boundless possibilities of living in alternate

realities will need Travel and MVTT is the vehicle to connect them all

MVTT Contract Address : 0x32eE7C6CA8436ae585768c8762C493d3c32E8703

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Worth of STMX tokens


ETC Raised

Softcapin 212 days$1.4m
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We provide transit service for

Mission Statement

Connecting with each other is as natural to each other as breathing; it’s in our DNA. MetaTransit aims to bring the vast reaches of the Metaverse reachable to all. Our transfer algorithms ensure that we can quickly connect you to a relaxing and enjoyable travel experience.

Whether you want to journey between META and Decentraland or portal out to the various realms of Sand, we guarantee the security of your data on every voyage. When you are using MVTT to travel from your Metaverse property to your local Adidas store, either from your virtual doctor’s visit to your local NFT store, the worlds converge.
Meta transit aspires to give the Metaverse the power of rapid transit and the chance to experience the wonders. We’re ecstatic to be the world’s largest first multi-platform transit hub, so we’re on our journey to becoming a tourist attraction. Meta-transit is a company that delivers


  • NFTS Tokens for Riders
  • Ride share
  • Exclusive events and access to tokens only on MVTT platform
  • Ad Share opportunities
  • Character modifications for specific platforms (skins)
  • To also partner with brands to provide exclusive NFT wearables

Our Strategy

The Roadmap

Q1 2022
Dev Team setup

(API hot storage ,NFT MVTT, SMART CONTRACT transfers) Token Launch DAO Phase Pre Sale token 2 weeks Token officially launch on ETH BNB Mining project initiative Developer Build and Graphic design platform (tram, Sailing , Digging, Dr Strange Portal, Worm hole) Communication partnership and Social Media integration ( Discord, Reddit, Telegram and other community platforms)

Q2 2022
Mine usage expanding

Partnerships with Brands and products Angel investor Proof of Concept deadline April 30th Activity Stats Block chain conferences Tour Guide (virtual Assistant/ Wiki)

NFT Skins wearables brand partnerships Augmentations

Power grid exchange (Hub creation) Server Farm Build in Oregon Exchange build for Smart contract concept project Arcade Simulator launch Monthly giveaways

The Expanse

Vehicle Content NFT (sail boats , G9’s , Wrist portals , Planes trains and space ships.) Building a new platform for brokerage (Bank/Auction house / High stakes)


The Distribution Of Tokens

In circulation

In our own wallets and dev and team

Held up for infrastructure

Held up for marketing

total sale tax

of all sale transactions to go back into the liquidly pool

to go to the marketing wallet

to go to the dev wallet